Koran Tempo Edisi Minggu, 19 Juli 2009

LOTIF – Karya : Beng Rahadian

# I was confused, was caused by the explosion yesterday, his effect could be very long
# The price dollar rose, travel warning again
# If being thought about, annoying also yea… has been very tired this country was made safe, even was made chaotic
# Is it true that, safe for us, not necessarily was safe for the other person

Mas Beng Rahadian, mungkin perumpaan ini serupa :
Harimau adalah hewan yang menakutkan bagi seekor rusa, tetapi hewan yang sangat disayang oleh anak-anaknya.

# Mas Beng Rahadian, possibly this analogy was similar:
The tiger was the animal that was frightening for a deer, but the animal that really was loved by his children.


# The place of the waste

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